About Lucky Dog Running

Why We’re Here

We aim to provide the best in athletic shoes and apparel so you can stay active, healthy, and injury-free. Opened March 2019 by the same people behind Bicycle Sport Shop, a family and partially employee-owned company operating in Austin since ‘83, our collective mission is to transform people’s lives by connecting them to an active lifestyle.

Staffed with friendly shoe techs, we’re eager to learn about your goals, favorite runs, successes, and roadblocks. And, we can help guide you to the perfect pair of shoes by combining your athletic style and history with gait analysis. Whether you want to go on longer walks, are ready to make the shift into running for the first time, or are a seasoned race veteran in need of a gear change, we’re ready and stoked to outfit your next workout.

Meet the Team

James grew up working in running stores and met his wife working together in a running store while in college. Running is a way to release stress and meet new people. He loves that there is always something new to learn – new technologies, methodologies, or unique issues a runner experiences that continue to expand his knowledge and understanding of the sport. When he’s not running, he enjoys cycling, traveling, cooking, music, general adventuring, and his beloved doggo, Strider.
Mac started running as a hobby when he was an attorney, but this effective stress-reliever quickly expanded into a lifestyle as he switched from law to working in running stores 20 years ago. A former running coach, he finds the various gaits and styles of running fascinating. He now thinks less about “correcting” a runner’s form and more about providing feedback and advice to help refine their natural gait. The best thing about running is that it’s a sport for life and he’s living proof!
Running competitively in school, Elizabeth now runs for general fitness and mental clarity. After years of wearing ill-fitting running shoes, resulting in chronic knee and foot pain, she dove into researching and learning about properly fitting running shoes. Now, she applies her knowledge by assisting you in navigating the nuances of running shoes to find the best shoes for your unique requirements. She also loves spending time with her dogs and growing organic vegetables.
Adam’s first athletic love was martial arts and connected to karate due to the clarity of mind that a body in routine provides. After friends suggested he try running, he found his passion. He loves how it turns off his brain and sends him into zen. When not out for a run, you can find him biking, reading, or swimming in the Barton Springs area. He enjoys working at Lucky Dog Running because he’s able to share his passion for running with so many people.

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